I’ve never been so open about what I’m going through. That I do get social anxiety most of the time and do get depressed sometimes. Does it suck? Absolutely. Let me tell you this battle is absolutely exhausting. But I always have this little thread of hope to hold on too and grab to pull me back up everytime it strikes. And being so open about this .. Made me so unbelievably raw. Telling the people closest to me what was happening? This secret that I’ve been keeping for so long? Trying to be strong that it was just a facade? It was hard. So raw. But I’m glad I did it. I still have a few more to tell. But I’m feeling less and less ashamed of it. Yes of course I cared if someone was going to judge me but this is something that happens to me. It’s not me but it is something that does hit me and it hits hard. I would be lying to say it’s easy it isn’t. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even the disorder or if it’s just me. But that question isn’t important it’s the fact I will keep moving forward. Because I will and I can.