Anxiety. Anxiety. Anixety. You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. You stop me a lot in life. I used to challenge you. Get frustrated with you. Baby talked you. Reasoned with you. Be kind to you. Lost my patience with you. I realized the only thing that worked with you was persistence, courage, and self love. Funny how those things were somethings I was missing and struggling with even before you came along. Are you trying to teach me a lesson? Cause this fucking sucks lol. As much as how much I hate having anxiety I feel like it’s teaching me a lesson I need. To take care of myself first. To be gentle with myself and listen to myself. To love my self unconditionally with all my flaws and appreciate and congratulate all my small victories. To have the courage to do it no matter how my body is reacting. To believe in myself. To be honest and real with me. I don’t have to be this always but a majority is the goal. As much as I hate you at times I realize that you do have a huge benefit to me in my life. Cause you’re teaching me things that I wouldn’t have taught myself without you.