Maybe I’ve calmed down. Maybe I’ve looked at things in your perspective. Or maybe I finally let reality hit me. YOU SUCK. YOU SUCK AT YOUR FUCKING JOB. AND THE WORST PART IS YOU WON’T EVEN FUCKING ADMIT IT. And you know what I had sympathy for you because I was once where you were. SO I ALWAYS HAD SYMPATHY FOR YOU. I even backed you up during a meeting when EVERYONE was attacking you and I protected you in front of our manager. YOU PIECE OF SHIT. I’m ranting because all you do is victimize yourself and taking me for granted. ALWAYS. And I’m so over it. And I’m mad at myself for falling for it and having your back. But I see it now and trust me there is no turning back. I see you for who you are. I thought you were misjudged but you aren’t. I’m literally lost for words. I can’t believe people like you exist but c’est la vie. I wish you would work on yourself. I wish you would acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them and grow your strengths. I wish you knew how to handle your stress. I wish you knew how you were treating people around you when you are stressed. That when you aren’t stressed and being nice to us to make up for it isn’t enough. I wish you chose a job you loved and not a job that makes you unhappy. And I wish you would fucking quit your job LOL. At the end of the day .. I always feel like a hypocrite to judge you like this because this isn’t a person I want to be anymore. I don’t want to judge you on your actions and words because everyone messes up. And I wish I could always not take it personal but I do at times. And as much I hate who you are when you are stressed maybe I should look at myself to be able to tolerate you. To not let my environment affect me. To increase my patience with you even though I know you don’t deserve it. Maybe I can make something good out of this. Ah.. another day with your stupid ass. Please help me God.