Is it just me or am I the only having this battle with stress?  But maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. At this very moment if anyone asked me what is my biggest problem it would be finding out how to handle my stress. It’s funny how I ask everyone how they deal with stress and even though I implement it it doesn’t work. It’s like I feel like no one has the answer? But you best believe I’m on the journey on finding the solution for that for me at least. Living with stress or the way I look at it and deal with it is definitely not sustainable. I’ve never gotten so sick so mentally fucked up so fucking emotional EVER. And its the biggest obstacle I have yet. I truly do feel like I’m meant to conquer this shit. Like it was meant for me. Cause damn it happens way too often and clearly you want to me to deal with it. But one thing I know for sure when I do get over this obstacle or ease my way into it and allow it and work with it I’ll be able to do  A SHIT LOAD of things.