I can’t believe you would say that shit to me?! Like are you fucking serious right now?! You’re blaming me because you considered my feelings?! Excuse me?! Look you fucking made the decision to consider my feelings so don’t blame me for shit when you don’t have your ways now. And no offence your statement that you made that could have made you a shitloae of money if you didn’t consider my feelings is just A FUCKING STATEMENT not actual truth. It’s a fucken scenario so fuck you. Fuck you for blaming me for your possibility of hitting it rich and never having to work again FUCK YOU. I’m so mad at myself for even letting you get to me. I avoid you everyday cause I don’t want to deal with uour negativity and your bitch ass undermining statements to me when you don’t get your way. FUCK YOU. But it was only a matter of time that one day I let you get to me I’m still human. UGH I’m so mad