That’s literally how i’m feeling right now. Just had a heated argument with m. But I just cant help but feel guilty. Just a tinge. I don’t know.. I’m just airing out how I really feel about the situation. And its true they did just dump this whole thing on me expecting me to solve it or their friends. But their the ones who got into it? How does that make any sense? Now that I’m older you dump your things on me now because you want me to have experience? Are you even thinking about me? Let’s be real. Look I’m not trying to be selfish at all. I know I’ll probably have to do a lot of things when you guys get older. I get that. But these little things that you guys had no problem doing when I was younger your dumping on me? And its not only that you abuse me. The fact that I’ll do this and that for you.. you then end up putting even more shit on me to do. Literally taking  me for granted. And I tell you how I feel and you ignore it and care about it at the moment and do the same thing over and over again.  How is that fair for me? I really do want to move out. I don’t want to be in an environment where I constantly feel negative. I just dont like it even if I have to struggle. Cause honestly I’m just emotionally drained from you guys. All the heavy shit you guys dump on  me and expect me to solve. ANd tell me that that’s just life. I get that just life but damn can you let me figure out my own shit instead of doing all your guys mundane shit you guys could have done yourself or figured out a way. What happened to that? I don’t know maybe I’m selfish but one thing I can say about you guys for real though is that my counsellors are right you guys do treat me like the adult while you guys act like the kids. I was just in denial.