Damn L.  I don’t know how you do it. Looking back on your life and lessons I realized you always stayed true to yourself wholeheartedly. I guess it was that simple after all saying completely how you feel and being completely you in all your decisions. I’m envious of that haha that you were brave enough to always be you. I mean look at you now. You literally have everything a girl could wish for and more. I guess I never believed someone could succeed without deception and betrayal but you did it. And not only that you’re doing amazing things without all that bs. You really are an inspiration that everyone should look up to. I always loved your advice because it was so relatable and really true and honest. It’s funny how I’m looking for what means something to me and do things that mean something to me and to be something that means something to me and surround myself around people that mean something to me and all I had to do was to be completely true to myself. Sometimes I get so stuck on what people are doing and what’s cool and what’s on trend and just compare but that shit never made me happy. But I should have known better that comparing yourself to anything doesn’t make you feel better maybe for the moment but for the long run it definitely doesn’t. And when I get glimpses from my past and people from my past I get a little upset and question myself if I’m missing something and then I get reminded about somebody like you and it all goes away. That I was doing the right thing all along and just because not a lot of people are doing what I’m doing made me doubt myself doesn’t mean it isn’t right. And you remind me of what I really want and what makes me happy not this empty stuff. So, thank you.