This is like so weird and honestly I haven’t had this feeling in a while. I literally just watched a movie again that I first watched with this really cute guy at the theatres and its like bringing me back memories and feelings I seriously haven’t had in a while. I’m not going to lie it was like a really good time before because I never had strings attached, everything was light, flirty, and loose. No stress, no responsibility, nothing serious. And I loved that. And honestly .. it makes me want to get back into it. I’ve been a little too serious in life but honeslty this is the first time that I didn’t even look at the negatives. Because even if there are the benefits outweigh them. I just want to get out there again with no expectations and just get my feet swept away like I always did. I miss that. Where it always turned out to be way better then I could dream of. Yes I miss being stressless. And being reckless. If thats one thing I learned from C. I learned what I definitely liked. Scratch that. Loved. I just have to go get it myself now or just set myself up unintentionally. To be how I like to be. Love to be. To being who I really am. To not be serious because honestly that isnt who I am haha. I loved to mess around, joke around, mess up. I loved all of that. Anything for a joke. Miss it. Just need a reminder once in a while when I forget who I am and get caught up.