I’m getting the glimpses of what I want again. It’s honestly so refreshing to just remmeber you know? Like picturing the way I wanted my life to be. And yeah yeah I know no expectations right? I know but I want an idea at least for what I’m striving for. I’m not aiming to be directionless. And its honestly just nice to feel like you are striving for something you want. Whatever that is. I’m just getting reminded again of how I want a job I love, to not think about work when I don’t have to, to be happy and the real me when I’m having fun and going out, to be the way I am with guys, to do the things I want to do without including everything else in the picture. To be scared doing it but too excited that you go through it anyways. All of that. I can’t believe I lost you for a second. I definitely don’t want to forget about you anymore haha. I think what I’m trying to say is that I missed being myself WHOLELY. Not just part of me but being ALL of me. I missed that. And I was depriving myself of me LOL. And I was suffering because of that. I know you can get caught up in things that are irrelevant but ifyou can remind yourself of what you really want and keep striving for them I honestly think it will help for whatever it is. And I truly feel like you will get there and be there. Being completely you. Being happily completely you. You’ll get there, I promise.