I honestly am picturing her getting punched in the face over and over again. And knocking one of her teeth out. That’s literally the only thing making me laugh right now. Ive never been SO FUCKING annoyed. Are you seriously that bitter to come back to your old job? Just cause you got pushed back? Are you fucking serious. And all you have to say about us taking over is to TALK SHIT? FUCK YOU. I hope you get all the backlash. UGH I’m just so angry at that this fucking bitch. I’m not going to lie I can’t take criticism that well. And I take everything very personally. But fuck why am I turning this on to myself to make myself feel shit FUCK YOU AGAIN. I ABSOLUTELY HATE PEOPLE LIKE THIS. I hate her so much but I feel like I’m over it too. Like I’m forcing myself to be mad. Truth is I don’t care but I do. I just get really heated at the moment. Because I can’t believe that there are people like this. Just cause your bitter doesn’t mean you have to make other people bitter too. Why cant you just stick in your own lane. People get what they are supposed to get in the end of the day. Why the need? I keep coming to this problem. I always some reason expect people to be what I picture them to be. The best of them. That who ever is saying whatever about them just doesn’t understand them and that everyone does have flaws and its okay. But I’m coming to realize that isn’t true. Ya I maybe in generation Y and have an expectation that my life is going to be great with  a unicorn on top of that but I’m slowly realizing that that isn’t real life. That people will shit on you no matter how nice you have been to them and worked hard for them. And you’ll debate if a heated conversation is worth it or not. And that you’ll learn to be passive aggressive because of unresolved feelings. And that no matter where you go you will always bump into shitty people. With no good intentions unless it involves benefiting themselves. That you’ll turn bitter and then start to do the same to other people without even knowing. But the problem is I don’t want to be like this. And truth is, if I really asked myself do you really actually care? I realize I don’t. Not going to lie I’m going to fucking hate you and want to deck you and maybe even confront you but I’ll get over it. And that’s what I really like about me. Because at the end of the day you never really meant much to me anyways. You may have got to my feelings and hahah.. that never ends in a good way because I have a huge temper but thats it. You mattered in just a moment in my life and if I wanted to spend that time hating you and treating you like shit I fucking will.