You know what drives me nuts? Not knowing if people are talking about you or not. It’s absolutely drives me crazy and I always think its about me. I overheard them talking and obviously it was a bad situation and they were unhappy about it but all I could see who the person was about was me. Even though I don’t have proof. Even though I don’t know if they are talking bad about me or not. I can’t help it and it drives me crazy haha. And it doesn’t help when I’m just sitting there wondering and wondering if its about me. If I’m going to get fired. Or they don’t want me there anymore. Negative thinking right? I know I know. I can’t help it. It’s where my mind goes. It’s like when it turns correct and I’m like you knew it, told ya. And when its not correct, I just forget about it. Why do I put myself so much in emotional turmoil? I have no idea. I just had to get it off my chest whether its true or not. If I am to blame or not. If I am to ignore it or not. I don’t know but it feels good to just let it go.