I sometimes have the urge that I feel like I’m missing something out there and I can’t explain it. It feels like I want to go party hard and be reckless as fuck. I feel lately I’ve been so serious and I’ve been letting my pride get in the way. Or letting people “I think” define me. It’s just too much thinking. And I just want to do and feel. That’s just how I feel at the moment. And I think its important to acknowledge every feeling you get. Not just those but the anxious ones as well. I don’t think I have anxiety but I do have to say somethings really bring me alot of anxiety. And if that’s called anxiety than I’m fine with that. But I feel like I got to do some things about it. I don’t care if shit is normal anymore or what it is. I just want to do the best I can with what I got .. and have fun with it. Not be so serious. Because truth be told that isn’t me. And having to fake it and be so serious is driving me a little mad to be honest LOL. Sometimes.. when you do things for too long even if you are faking it… it becomes you. But only you can tell that difference because people among you only see you for you are at the moment. But on my way to learning to be imperfect