I realize there is one thing you can’t avoid. And that is complaining. I’m not going to lie I’ve been at fault of it as well. And yes if you read my past blogs all it seems like I do is complain haha. But I write when I need to get my feelings out to throw away. Lately.. I’ve just been noticing alot alot alot of complaining where I work. Don’t get me wrong I get why people complain because they truly do have a reason and a complaint for what is unfair to them. I agree with that. But what I don’t agree with is people complaining over and over and over and over and over and over again about the same fucking shit. Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again insanity? I know that life can be unfair at times. And yes you may get mistreated or disrespected or snobbed out along the way. But let’s be honest. Let’s be true. And just say it. I understand where the difficulty comes from when you are in a work environment. The risks, the fear. I see that all. But from an outside perspective what you guys need is cut the bullshit and just say how you feel to eacother while having a strong fair minded person ultimately making the decisions. One person that makes everyone feel important and understood. And working to a purpose. Instead of everyone chiming in and trying to figuring things out and realizing it doesn’t work and everyone doing their own thing and complaining on and on about what’s wrong. I know I’m only going to be here for a while only but is this really an environment people work in? Full of negativity and complaining. Not only that but joining forces to complain about the same shit just to laugh about it? Hey I’m all good with the jokes and they are funny but let’s get to the real point here. Everyones frustrated and I think its time they need a leader. My point of this post is to remind myself to never become bitter like them. If I do, someone please slap me haha. I just think its such a terrible way to live. I don’t want to friends with someone on basis of complaining about the same shit. I want to be friends with you because I genuinely care about you and want to get to know you. Not all this negative bs. The more I work in places that have higher rankings, I notice the power struggles alot more often. People being demeaned, treated unfairly, overworked and haha underpaid. But I’m here to learn and learn as much as possible no matter what I have to deal with along the way. That at the moment is my main focus. But I do hope that one day people in such situations could work in a happy productive environment because I find it sad to believe that many actually do work in negative environments like this. You may just work to make money but I at least think you should enjoy it. You’re going to be there for a while. And if you aren’t enjoying it maybe its time to look at another place or another direction. And if you are one of those bitter people that have other problems that take it out on other people, I wish you the best to figure out solutions for yourself that make you happy. Because what’s most important is what makes you happy at first and then there will be a ripple effect.