There’s so much info nowadays I get myself confused. How do you know what to follow? Now I get why the answer is always trust yourself, you know the answer. Because it’s true noone knows your answer but you. Which is also the most annoying part because sometimes I just want someone to give me the fucking answer LOL. It’s tiring and draining to think about a question that you don’t really know has an answer or not. I’ve been reading a lot and the people who seem to have found success. Not just materialistically and financially but everything to including relationships, connections, and just life in general. Is that they just “knew” and followed their gut. Because there really is no other answer. I finally get what they mean when they say your thoughts become who you are. Noone tells you that you aren’t your thoughts or feelings that automatically come up and happen. You are the thoughts and feelings you choose that you want whether that is intentional or unintentional. It’s sounds crazy right? Like I still can’t believe that. I’ve always thought that I was who I was and I couldn’t change that. That the thoughts and feelings that automatically come up are me. But they aren’t. We’ve been conditioned as kids to act a certain way and adopted people around us attitude, actions, reactions, feelings. We all learned it through something some how. That’s how everyone learns. Whether it was intentional or not. And that critical voice is in everyone for a reason. It was there for survival back then. If we all always had balls to do everything back then in the wilderness we would probably wouldn’t exist. Omg LOL.. when did I get so nerdy haha. Anyways putting pieces to the puzzles makes me think alot. That we really do have that much power. To choose who we want to be really. To choose the thoughts we want. To choose the feelings we choose to want and acknowledge and ignore the unwanted ones effectively. It really is all in your mind. And to be honest.. I’m a little upset that I finally realized that now. I heard about this before and read about it but until you really truly understand what it means is when it makes you want to make a difference and change. So follow the thoughts you want and the feelings you want and the actions you want no matter how much you try and want to stop yourself if it’s something you really want. Because that is just a thought or feeling and it’s not you and never been you.