I was talking to my counselor today and to be honest I had no more questions to ask her anymore. I felt like every question I asked I really knew the answer she was going to give and if I did I ask it was the same answer. Maybe that’s the point to be able to be clear enough to really answer your questions readily. I’ve decided to really move on. I’ve started planning again although it excites me and scares the shit out of me at the same time. Can I do it? Will I fail again? Can I push through? Will I make it? Do I have enough confidence going against people and going my own way? I have a million questions. But I’ll drive myself crazy just assuming and thinking about the future. It’s no use. Just take feedback from previous experiences especially from the ones I failed. It’s a learning experience after all. You know I knew finding what I wanted to do and do it all with balance was going to be hard. But I never assumed it be this hard or time consuming. There was a lot of factors I didn’t include in the first round but its time to re-adjust my plan. And for all the motions I appreciate the, and even though sometimes I may not see it I do appreciate the lesson learned. And to be honest, I needed those rough times to give me clarity.