I’ve been getting weekly counselling sessions and I think it’s helping and the books I’m diving into. There was a book she told me to read last week and I’m already 3/4 done. It’s giving me a lot of perspective and it feels like she knows exactly what I’m going through and it definitely helps with a Counsellor who truly understands you and your intentions. I’m working on all parts of me. It’s become more of a delicate juggling act that’s probably never going to be perfect and that’s okay because I’ll handle it anyways. I had no idea I could get so sad and anxious and nervous so quick and be up the next moment. But I feel different today. I can’t explain it really. It just feels like I’m good again. For real this time. Like I can think clearly again and confident in it. I’m planning again and I realized that I’m always going to be adjusting my plans. Always. And that’s okay. I’m probably going to hit the emotional train again when shit hits the fan and that’s okay. I’m ready for it — the good and the bad.