Okay I’m going to rewrite this. I can’t believe this is the bs I have to deal with. People have no loyalty!! This is how the real world runs? To me, it’s absolutely disgusting. I have to say people are very very vindictive. This isn’t an environment that I would ideally like to be in. But guess what? This is life LOL.. you deal with the good with the bad. I honestly hate bad-mouthing people. I hate bad-mouthing b. But when I feel like I’m starting to get used in the situation, that pisses me off. The only back I’m watching for is my own. I’m not looking to bitter or anything its just how? Why? What the fuck is wrong with people? Is this how it is? You get burned and you just keep burning other people to feel better about yourself or protect yourself? This is such a vicious cycle and I don’t want to be in any part of it. I realize this is a part of life. I’m not saying there isn’t places you work in that have great environments I’m just saying anywhere out there there is a high possibility this can happen to. Look, I’m here to learn while I get paid to do things and build my confidence. All this stupid petty bullshit has nothing to deal with me and if it does you bet I’ll be watching my own back first and foremost. Just had to rant. I’m not here to be anyone’s guinea pig.