I’ve realized there is nothing wrong with me. I overthought too much about issues problems or whatever I thought had or didn’t have. I realized that its not that I’m anti-social or need to be alone to feel better or feel my emotions so intensely. I’m just out of practice. When you stop practicing or never continue to practice you get out of the game. You lose those skills when you don’t use it. I think people think their either born with being sociable or not and its not true it is learned. So you might be looking at your friend like what the fuck but realize that she probably learned and kept going. It’s an effort. Like how you would keep doing something you love. People love people so they keep doing it and without realizing they became amazing at it. I realized that there is a magic process, a formula, in everything. You don’t need a shit load of effort to get there. And you don’t need to work into a mental breakdown or stress so much about it. And  that applies for everything.