Breaking habits is a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I know with consistency I will and effort. I believe anything you do consistently and with effort you can achieve. I used to think that if I just tried hard and finally when I do get it it was done. Boy was I wrong LOL. Even if you get your goal you have to keep learning and keep doing the same thing. It’s the moment you drop it and forget about and stop caring that you lose it and yes that means all the effort you put. I know it’s common sense but I didn’t think about tha stuff until you literally do it. It’s ongoing process and a very very long one that’s probably forever. Now I get it when people say do you what love. Because you’re going to be doing for a very very long time and that’s your habits too. As much I’ve been down and up and just living flatline right now because of the shit that’s going on that I made myself feel, I know and realize that no matter I still learn. It’s never an entire loss. And I’ll work on it bouncing back faster and knowing my triggers and how to work with them. At this point in my life we’ll at the moment I feel like I need to work on myself and love me first and do what’s best for me. I just don’t want to waste any of energy on anyone else at moment. And if it that’s selfish to love myself first, the be it! I’m going to keep working on my journey through the ups and downs and set a schedule to build me up again! Let’s go