Thanks L. I really needed that. To feel like what I am doing is right. To know what I am doing and trusting it because I always was right. For making me believe in myself again. It was nice. I admire you so much. I watched you from the beginning cringing at things you’ve done. But you got balls. That I can say. And you didn’t give a fuck when everyone was talking shit and look at you now. I needed that to be around and surround myself around the doers, the optimistics, the positives, the go getters, the never saying no sayers. You gave me one really important advice. That it’s never about the money and it shouldn’t be because that distracts you from your goal. The goal is to become better than you were yesterday and keep going at it. Really going for it. Believe in things but not wholeheartedly because there is always going to a place where it doesn’t work. You know what’s funny to me? It’s true. No seriously LOL. You should NEVER EVER EVER take advice from people who aren’t doing the same shit as you are. I don’t think I know anyone working as hard as to become and knowing themselves as much as I do. And working on my goals. No one. It’s funny when you get advice from them it is comforting, it is. But its not necessarily helpful. I’m still learning but in my heart I truly feel you shouldn’t listen to people who aren’t doing what you are doing. Putting yourself outside your comfort zone, being optimistic, figuring things, looking like an idiot and not caring, getting yelled at, dealing with serious amount of doubt. I realize EVERYONE has that. And we probably have it at the same amount of levels. Which is why I understand people give up. It fucking hurts. It fucking hurts to hear you suck, that you can’t do things, that your incompetent, or youre not getting it. What even hurts more is you saying that to yourself. Because you are with you ALL THE TIME. It’s true eh that when you are in the storm, even if its another similar one, you can’t see the way out until its over. And you can look back at it. That’s when you grow from it. When you are accomplishing what you want to do, don’t listen to what other people are doing or their advice unless they are where you want to be in. Because alot of people don’t understand the struggle. The pain. The doubt. And they will quit when shit hits the fan or they can’t handle it. But realize it’s part of the process. It may hurt you x200. But its the process. I realize that now. You have to do the extra work, and it alot of effort I’m not going to lie. But if you are going to invest in a house, a car, all this material shit don’t you want to be investing in yourself first? You are what’s most important. Work on yourself and keep working on yourself. Even if you slip many MANY times. Just pick yourself up back again and again and again and again. Let’s get it. I’m going back on schedule.