I’ve been cloudy today and a little lightheaded. I know its because I’m overthinking. I’m so glad I have this outlet to let my feelings go. Because I find every time I write it’s like my brain just dumps it away and I never have to think about it again. I’m bit borderline obsessing about issues in the past and I’m learning to cut it off the thoughts. I have to let it go and I give myself permission to because simply there is no benefit. I’m feeling scattered today. And I can’t stop dreaming about work. I feel today about to give up. Thinking of other people thoughts of me. Thinking I couldn’t feel independent. All those things. I feel like I don’t have to lie about myself on here. I can state my true feelings wholeheartedly and just be honest. But I want to change my perspective on things. Like Einstein said “we can’t use the same level thinking that caused the problem to solve the problem.” I want to and will think higher. At this moment I don’t feel strongly and sure of myself but I will. And these thoughts will soon disappear to neverneverland. ANTs be gone.