Just talking with my grandma and I totally broke down from stress. I knew I wanted to talk to her about it. And I knew I was going to cry and I could feel myself forcing myself to stop crying. But I didn’t want to force myself and I let it go. I have to cry when I need especially infront of people I shouldn’t feel ashamed around. It’s a stress reliever. And like I said, I will cry everyday if I have to. Because I’m using it to my advantage. I am incredibly overwhelmed and stressed out. And I will admit to that. I will always admit to the truth. But I’m at a different mindset. This crying isn’t making me depressed anymore. It’s just telling me its fucking hard. And without struggle there will never be success. For me personally, I follow my struggle. I know a lot of people don’t understand that. The reason why I do the things I do is to overcome fears, anxietys, stress, basically unnecessary stress. I do things I absolutely suck at to become better. To know how to be better. Because I know this will keep popping up and this something I need to know how to do. No matter how hard. Yeah, one day, when I’m CEO I will know that I’ve done everything possible to conquer my fears and I will be fearless. Nothing will be too small for me to do. And of course there will be people I will delegate to do these things, but at the time being I need to grow as a person. I need to develop all these things to become the brilliant person I know I am. So I will keep going no matter what. And stress? I will learn how to manage it better. To be clear, to be focused, to be able to listen attentively, and most importantly to take a step back and relax before I continue. Because relaxation and releasing of pressure is the key to stress management.