Yeah some days I forget who I am and what I’m doing it for because I’m so focused on what’s infront of my face or the future. I need to keep reminding myself to remember ME first. Why I do things. What I do them for. What my passion is in life. What my value is. I tend to realize when I forget about “me” is that I start getting insecure about who I am. Because I’m letting things just happen to me. And I don’t think people really realize how much just “letting things happen to you” really affects you. The chatter, the noise, the people you have around that you can’t control and how they affect you when you forget about you. When you remember to put yourself first ALWAYS you will never become insecure. Because straight up you know your value and know what you can bring to the table its when you let stupid shit from peoples mouths, expectations you assume others are making of you is when YOU START TO FUCK UP. I realized I let that shit happen for too long. And yeah its only been a week of that shit happening but that to me is fucking long. I don’t want to waste a day, a hour, a minute, a second being someone I’m not proud of. Or letting people fuck with me like that even if its totally unintentional. I am not going to let things just happen to me. I’m going to control that shit. You gotta remember your worth and value ALWAYS.