I treated my parents and family to father’s day dinner and I guess I felt a little uncomfortable paying. Not because it was too expensive for me. Or maybe it was. I don’t know I didn’t care how much the bill will be because I work fucking hard. And honestly I could never put a price tag on my family. They were making me feel bad .. because it was like oh that’s too expensive. Like this is cheaper if I bought it at somewhere else. Or just whatever comments. And honestly I just wanted them to have a good time and not worry about the price range. It made me feel weird like I started to feel insecure for some reason. Like I didn’t want to talk to the waiters or whatever. I know its weird. Then I realized.. its their mentality that I am uncomfortable with. And then I realized that energy played a huge part. It made me uncomfortable because I wasn’t in the mindset of saving and being poor, I was in the mindset of making money and grinding. Their energy was a little like telling what your child should do type of mentality, like you should have known better. Well that’s how I felt. And that energy rubbed off on me. I’m not saying having a mentality to be poor and saving is bad. I’m just in a mentality of making money and grinding and doing things because I know I can. I can’t limit myself to that type of mentality. I just can’t. And the energy I can’t let anyone fuck with it. Those two things are like diamonds to me. They mean everything. I’ve been tired, really stressed out, feeling at the verge of giving up BUT I’m never giving up. I will do whatever it takes. Let me get it G. I believe in me and I hope you’ll believe in me too.