Whenever I’m down or I lose hope or motivation or whatever, I read or look through pictures to remind myself what is my motivator. And just feeling it again makes me feel alive again. No matter how hard it is, how many times I’ve been beat up, how I wanted to give up, it makes it all worth it again. The woman I want to be is equal to a man. I’ll be that woman that can shake your hand with confidence because I know my value. I know what I can do. And I won’t be one of those girls that you are used to partying with. I’ll be a woman with confidence, ambition, goals, knows my value, secure with myself, and know I’m special. He’ll know when he meets me. I won’t be a woman that needs to compare myself to anybody because I know everyone has a different path and have started at different levels. Where people start their journey is uncontrollable. I’ll know that. As much as I have been tired, I’m going to stop complaining and worrying because those two things absolutely do nothing for me. And now? I just want to go get it.