I hate my title. I am not incapable because I am VERY capable. But I was crying out of frustration and feeling stupid earlier because of work. It’s honestly the most frustrating feeling to feel. To feel like you can’t process or remember all the processes and steps you need to do when you know you are ABSOLUTELY capable. The added pressure, and people training me (one in particular) making me feel stupid is… how do you say it.. making me self-doubt myself. I know I need to work on my confidence levels, I know. But honestly I can’t blame anybody no matter how much they have infuriated me, upset me, or was disappointed in me I can only blame myself. Real life is hard, real jobs is hard. Being a fucking adult is hard lol!! I can’t blame them because they have a reason for feeling I am incompetent and I gave them a reason. I’m not trying to dumb down myself but its true. It is my fault for not being up to par yet. Alot of people might say if you can’t handle it or you don’t have the right skills quit. Quit is not in my vocabulary. You’re going to have to fire me lol. I always will and stay up if I need to, study extra hours, memorizing for extra hours, repeating constantly in mind all the steps til I understand everything to do my fucking job. I will always try my hardest to get the best job done at my best effort. I will practice like an idiot because I REFUSE to be told or feel that I am incapable of anything I set my mind to do. If I don’t have to skills or I suck I will work my way to get them no matter what. If I can’t handle the pressure, I will find solutions to be able to use the pressure or find coping mechanisms to make me effective again. I will everything possible.

With every goal, there has to be a game plan.

1. Be more confident IN YOURSELF in job
(no matter how someone makes you feel, set feelings aside, ALWAYS SPEAK UP no matter how you feel, knowledge = power, SPEAK with confidence)
-reorganize notes until you understand, AHEAD OF TIME as well
-repetition of steps (tele (what to say, how to say), think about all steps over and
over again
-ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS, so rather than coming out as lost, you come off as professional, has it together, and is simply seeking important info in order to get the job done

(no need to self-doubt yourself, KNOW you did your steps correctly (be organized mixed with confident will solve this issue)

3. Be really accurate, detail-oriented
-NEVER SKIP A STEP no matter how someone is pressuring you, ACCURACY IS KEY (fuck them) because at the end of the day YOUR ASS will be on the line so they can go fuck themselves

4. Be a really good listener
-listen with INTEREST

5. Be very clear, decisive, and informative
-make sure you understand exactly what every person says to you (GET THE INFO NEEDED, be nosy as fuck)
-speak with confidence and know EXACTLY what you are doing. Doubts? ASK.

6. Be really quick (once accuracy has happened)
-once you have been an expert in accuracy, work on time management and skills and organization (come back to this **)

7. Change your mindset
-negativity, self-doubt gets you nowhere in life
-think positive and say that you can

8. Don’t know what to do? SPEAK UP


10. Be energetic and happy attitude
-FAKE IT if you have to everything is easier done in a happier mood and psychologically it helps as well
-FUCK people’s energies, comments, DON’T TAKE SHIT PERSONAL

Just remember to believe in yourself and that you will find a way. And no matter what doubts come into your head, keep trying and asking for more help even if you make a few mistakes at first.