Finally got my job! Yay! I’m actually getting paid pretty well compared to my other girlfriends I did my program with. Some of them are getting wages almost near minimum and I’m doubled that amount so I’m happy LOL. I guess waiting those extra 3 months wasn’t that bad at all. For 2 out of 3t of the interviews I wanted the job for the most I got accepted. I had to reject the second one because it clashed with training hours for my first choice. But I also want this other position at an interview I did too but I still don’t know if they want me. Waiting is honestly such a bitch. Is this how it is really in the real world looking for a serious job? Cause DAMN. LOL…… I mean this is already my plan C. I could only imagine how hard it would be for even more serious jobs. Anyways I’m glad I aimed at the wage I aimed for because I got even better than that. Funny thing I kept telling the girls I was closer to in class to also get what I knew we could get. Might as well get the best you can get if you paid for this. They were speaking of wages I thought we too low to be acceptable and that they would be fine with. And I love how we all ended up with jobs at the wage we wanted specifically or even better. I guess it goes to show eve if one really good opportunity comes out that you think would be the best isn’t even the best because god has another one in store for you. The waiting was a bitch but I wouldn’t have it another way. In this new company I’m working for it is showing me its challenges. It is expecting a shit load of me and I’ve been told numerous times they aren’t afraid to fire. Is it fucked up or what that I got excited when my colleague gave me a heads up that they will fire if someone is slacking even if you were working here for numerous years. LOL. I don’t know maybe its because I’ve been fired before and I really want a chance to redeem myself. And it’s like exciting for me to feel I can get fired anyday LOL.. ya I’m fucked up. But I definitely think there’s pros to this because I’ve noticed people within the company can get promotions fairly quickly if you’re good at what you do. Extremely good at what you do. I’ve already been working my ass off memorizing and figuring out everything I need to know but hearing this makes me want to work even harder and consistently. People think I’m asking a shit load of questions and I’m sorry if I’m being annoying at first LOL because I want to know every detail that’s the way I operate. I always do that just cause I want to get all of information I need to know so I won’t have to constantly bother them again but they usually don’t mind anyways. I’m just doing it out of common cortesy whether they realize it or not haha. My trainers I swear always think I’m trying too hard LOL. Not in a bad way but they think I shouldn’t worry about memorizing things since its my first week. But honestly it saves me a SHITLOAD of work to learn everything the correct way and in a way I officially understand thoroughly the first time so I don’t have to work 5x as hard recalling things and wondering if that’s alright to do or not. Anyways besides that there has been little challenges but I’m going to take it with a grain of salt. I realize that some people are just that way and that I shouldn’t take shit personal and shouldn’t get emotionally attached. Everyones different and I get that. I just need to do what I need to do and not let them affect me. Energy is definitely very contagious but I don’t want to get sucked in to that. I worked this fucking hard to get to where the fuck I am now. There is no way anyone’s energy or attitude is going to phase me. No way. I’m just going to ignore and carry on my happy self.