I think its absolutely useless to be selfish. Not entirely, I mean still be selfish in your goals and who you want to become but don’t be selfish when it comes to jobs, gains, achievements, or just getting that one step ahead of someone else. Like being vindictive or wanting a certain job over your friend. I’m not going to lie I do feel that way sometimes. I do but I realize its just human. I am an extremely competitive type of person. I like to do better and always even around my peers. But I realized there is absolutely no gain. And it took me to be around completely selfless people to realize that. That you can congratulate one another even when it was something you wanted. That you guys are there for each other when shits goes down. I guess I was always just surrounded by mostly selfish people, people who cared mostly only about themselves. I was one too I’m not lying haha but I’m working on it. But being around people who are selfish makes you want to be extra competitive to getting your way. And you don’t want to be selfless with them because they are selfish. It was nice to just be around people who are completely selfless. It makes you feel like why did I have to feel the need to compete anyways. What do I gain? Besides feeding my ego when I get it and ashamed of myself when I don’t. Why invest so much into things that are absolutely uncontrollable? Why not just do your VERY best at everything you do and keep it moving. Why compare yourself to others when you great and amazing at what you are and what you do. You don’t care because you know how valuable you are that those feelings and stupid shit doesn’t even touch you because you know your value. Wouldn’t that be great? To feel like nothing can touch you because you know what you bring to the table. If someone doesn’t want you, move on. And keep on moving on. There’s always that someone that’s going to say yes. I just feel so much more at peace with myself when I don’t have to fill myself up with greed. And to only do things you want that you are deeply interested in. All or nothing baby.