Omg.. this job is absolutely driving me insane!! The waiting is driving me crazy. I’ve never had to wait a month and half almost two months now for a fucking job. Like who does this? Maybe i should look at it as training exercise since i like everything instantly. Maybe this is how the real world is like? But man do I just want to punch a wall. I’m just so frustrated. I have another job interview in about 2 weeks. And at this moment, I don’t want to go through any more hassles as much as I did for the first one. But fuck it, at this time and moment I’m going to take whatever comes at me first for one of these two jobs. Sometimes I get so consumed with my emotions that I can’t even make a rational decision and that’s when my friends come in and make decisions for me that I would have done for myself if I could be detached and rational about it. So thank god for them because I can be so stupid when I get so consumed.

And not only that my muscle strain has not completely healed yet. I have another week. It is getting better but I’ve been itching to workout and I can’t and its throwing off my whole schedule and habits. I know it shouldn’t but it’s my mind doing that. I want to be able to rest completely so I can get a speedy recovery. But I just want to go ham working out because I am so stressed out as stupid as it is. I need exercise. And my balance back.