I always tend to look back in my life and wonder how I get to where I am at the present moment. And all these quotes of wisdom got me tripping hahah. It got me thinking about how each individual quote was personalized to me. Like how each quote reminds me a certain time of my life and the situation and what happened. But I gotta say, I feel like genuinely feel like I am really making the right moves. No I’m not trying to be one of those people who are positive about everything and anything. LOL.. that just wouldn’t be me. I’m realistic but optimistic. I used to think with my head alot. Well I mean I still do but I realized what people mean now when they say to think with your heart. What does your heart want. I used to do things because logically that was what was best for me. But I realized in life.. you can’t always think that way. I realized that’s why I was so lost before. I only thought about my ego, my status, what would be beneficial for me, what was the right thing a friend would do, or what was the right thing to do for anything. I realized I dismissed my feelings all the time. I would ignore them either because I didn’t want to deal with it, didn’t know how to deal with it, or dismissed it because someone else was hurting. I did things because that’s what my head thought was right but doing so I compromised myself. I lost myself. Who I really was anymore. When you get you so caught up with other people you don’t know what you want. Whether in relationships or whatever, I couldn’t help but do things for them and care about what they thought that I did it so long that I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore or if I even wanted something different. I don’t think people talk about this much but your feelings are like your heart. It tells you when something is over and it won’t go away until you really listen closely and do what you know what you’ve always knew to do but didn’t. But you have to listen really really closely and understand why you honestly feel that way. I think it’s really important to never lose yourself and to always listen to yourself. Don’t be that person that’s a people pleaser or worse doesn’t know who they are anymore, you just lose your originality and why people loved you to begin with.