I was watching a reality show and it hit me close to home. All of them are famous and they all shared their personal stories of their success. Some just debuted. Some were veterans to the business. Some were people who have gone through many businesses. Some struggled but after many years they finally succeeded.

Each of them, one by one, shared their stories and everyone listened intently. One of them spoke of how success isn’t everything. This was someone very successful, very wealthy. I was shocked because I would think he would be happy. He has everything he wants and yes I know money can’t buy you happiness but it was weird for me to hear it from him because you could really tell how sincere he meant it. You could tell he wasn’t happy. All I saw from him was regret, not for everything, but what would have made him the happiest. He spoke about his business like he wasn’t even proud. He owned 10 restaurants. That’s a big deal. Something I would have been proud of.

Another one spoke of how she finally made it after 9 years, she finally made it. She worked extremely hard to get to where she is now. Funny thing? She’s not happy either. It’s funny because on the show she’s the happiest one, always joking around, having a good time. She’s finally busy as ever. Every gig she has had she couldn’t be more grateful. She fights with her feelings because she has because she couldn’t deal with how busy she has become, but at the same time she felt so grateful for every single opportunity she had because she worked this hard to get there. She didn’t know what to do. I really felt for her because that is honestly such a difficult position to be in. I wouldn’t even know what to do.

Another one just kept working and working that they reached a breaking point that she didn’t want to work so hard anymore and wish she had more time to play. She was in her late twenties and you could tell how tired she was.

Then one of them, who flash backed from 20 years ago, mentioned to all 10 of them that relationships are honestly the most important thing. Success, money wasn’t making him happy. All they did was grind.

Family, your best friends who became family, the new relationships you are going to develop, the current relationships you should cherish, falling in love, was the most important thing. To have someone or someone(s) to support you, laugh with you, genuinely love your company, wanting the best for you, loving you, caring for you to take away all your stress, loneliness, unhappiness. These are the things I think everyone needs to be reminded of and to not take for granted.

The veterans said that relationships, family, love were really the most important things and that they wish they would have spent more time developing those relationships instead of only thinking about work, money, and success.

I really learned so much from them because some of them were older they had experience. Some of them were younger and around my age as well but it was nice looking at them all because I could see each of them in each other. Some actors were just starting off and some were veterans. It was like seeing the veterans have flashbacks when they look at their juniors. I agree that the 20’s are the selfish years. It’s the time we want to make money lots of it and become successful so bad.

I think sometimes everyone forgets what’s really important to them and take it for granted because you think it’s always going to be there, but that isn’t true. I think everyone needs balance. Balance your life, fall in love, work hard, become successful, take time to cherish your relationships, develop new relationships, have your play time. That’s what I’m striving for.

I personally think its a tragedy. You wish to become so successful when you’re young. You grind, grind, grind til you get your goals only to be left with loneliness, unhappiness, and stress. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making the right decisions. I just started my twenties and I can completely relate to the greed of wanting to be successful, but they made me wonder if its worth the price? I want to be successful, I realize I’m going to have to spend a lot of time on my own at times, I know I’ll be stressed, I know I’ll want to break down but.. I don’t think I’m going to drop most of relationships for it. That’s what I learned from them at least. I’m glad I heard this advice because I really would have just tunnel visioned into every project I’m working on and ignored everything else. It’s a good reminder to really keep people who matter around you and if they’re important to really take the time to be with them. It’s like asking me if I would trade my best friends for success and money. I just would never do that. Ever.