My most successful moment was discovering that life wasn’t a coincidence, rather a choice reflecting my state of being. The thought of knowing this shattered my fears, boundaries, limitations, and everything I thought was “real.” I sat there for a few hours thinking about thinking. Wondering about my own thoughts. It was as for a moment I stepped outside of myself to reflect on my whole existence. It dawned on me, that this whole time I was creating every aspect of my life. I was creating my whole experience all through my thoughts. It suddenly hit me that I never take action until I’ve constructed the whole image in my mind. Even simple things as getting to my car and driving. It was all a movie with segments that showed every action before it happened. So my thoughts are the writer to the movie of my life. I was baffled. Something so simple yet so profound. It was as if some weight was lifted off of me. My mind shifted from that point on, I packed my things and moved out of the imaginary “box” we put ourselves in. This was my start on living a conscious life. I love waking up knowing that I’m a magnet to everything that I am. Everything I am is a choice I’ve made. My choices reflect my thoughts, my thoughts reflect my life. Inside to in sight, my insight to my inside. Hope you enjoyed! Have a blessed day