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You inspire me so much. Everytime I’m lost or down or insecure I look up to you and you always give me the right answers. The motivation, the brutal honest truth. You made me realize my inner talent. You made me realize to use my emotions to my advantage and doing it by action. You made me realize I already have everything I need that I take it for granted by not doing it or using it. I’ll rather being failing or succeeding I never want to be in between. Living in the average, living in the middle, and just reacting to situations is like being alive but dead. Nothing ever becomes good by being in the middle. Your life gets stale. You have no motivation. You feel lost. Why? Because we are meant to feel challenged. To feel alive.

If I want my family to be close. Act like you are close. Care about what they say. Care about what they do. Be excited to see them. What if you were to lose your family tomorrow. What would you do on your last day? That scares you and you know it. Don’t WAIT anymore. Don’t wait for the worst outcome in life before you start acting how you should have always acted. LIVE, FEEL, EXCELL, and most importantly HAVE FUN. If you want that career. Make those connections. Be friends with everyone even people you don’t like. You never know where they are going to take you. What if it that promotion or that business deal or getting hired is what you needed to feed your family or they were going to starve for a week. What would you do. And this one business deal this one thing determined that how would you act to this customer, boss, person. How would you act. Don’t ever look at it as a one time thing. That you just have to be nice this one time. Be this way everyday like your survival or your family survival depended on it. How does your posture become like, how does your attitude seem like, how are you talking, are you clear and confident in what you say?, are you doing everything you possibly can? You bet you would be. Act like your smart. Act like you ask all the important questions you need to know. Know everything. And practice practice practice. Be a know it all. Who cares if people think you’re stupid, annoying, a kiss ass, an overachiever. It’s better than what the fuck they are. It’s always the people with the littlest in life that have the most to say.

Everytime you say your busy or you have too many things to do. You’re lying. Everyone has time. It’s what most important to you will occupy your time. If something is important to you, make time for it and that includes “me time.” Even when I don’t have my “me-time” it makes me feel lost because I don’t know what I’m doing. My me time is my reality check. Do I have everything I want? Do I feel good about myself? Am I spending time with people I give a fuck about or am I wasting my time on stupid shit. And I enjoy my me days. I come out feeling refreshed and actually happy to see you. No matter how stressed you feel, no matter how busy you get it, even if you’re me-time doesn’t feel important IT IS to your own mental well-being. It’s a part of taking care of yourself.

Just remember.. you already have everything you could possibly need to succeed, to become whoever you want to be, to have everything you want in life. Your friends, your relationships, your career, your social circle. All you need is to change your emotional state, the way you perceive things, attitude, and to always find inspiration or use your desperation. And copy the steps of your mentors and people you admire.

Right now. I’m looking at life. I’m surrounding by people. Hanging out with different people make you feel like different things are important to you. I hang out with people who feel like the most expensive handbag, shoes, cars are the most important things in life. I complain about this because I don’t think they are the most important things in life and a little bit because I wish I could afford those things so I could have that feeling of feeling better than alot of other people. But at the end of the day. I always listen to my heart. Buying that bag with my savings, or buying those shoes with my hard earned money isn’t going to make me happy. Yes. One day I wish to be able to own whatever the fuck I want from celine bags to valentinos. I mean who doesn’t wish they could get everything they want that this world regards as making someone feel happy. I want to do it on my own. Every girl around here wants a guy that can support her. I mean the girls around me. I think different I want to support myself. I mean I can let him be the man in the relationship and support me and pay for me but.. I want to know for myself that I can be rich on my own. That I did it and I’m possible of anything that I want to do. This is important to me. I want to be able to say that I make enough in my living that I can buy whatever I want when I want without having to save for 2 years to get one LV bag while getting paid $15/hr. No I want my career to be able to let me buy it without sacrificing my savings. Girls these days are to into materialistic things that they can’t afford. That they expect their man to pay for. I just would feel guilty spending someones money.

The relationship I want. That someone that is my co-star in my life. My equal. That I have to give and act like how I want to be treated. How he wants to treated and loved. To give my full attention to him like I would want him to give me. That work is work and that you need to tune that out for him. To have only really high ups and really low low’s with him. Never in between. That I need to set my mental mind for that in entering relationships. To keep things exciting and never boring. If you don’t want it to be boring don’t let it be. And to stop those doubts and negativity without shit even happening yet.

Those friendships I want. That I need to give as much as I take. That if I want to be close to somebody. That I first have to starting asking them out. Treating them nice. Treating them without looking at them like they can wrong me. That I have to be a great friend first before I can have great friends. To have those bestfriends that you do everything for. And they FEEL the same exact way about you.

Those connections I want. That I need to get to feel a certain good way about me. That I need to make them feel like were long lost friends. Everytime we see eachother. Everytime we hang out for hours. No matter how I feel. Because if that negative feeling is not coming from a break up, a funeral, or personal romantic or close friend relationship then I should not be feeling down or insecure. Because if you’re feeling that way its because you’ve been doubting yourself or thinking too much. And you know that brings you nowhere, you already know it. Its a waste of anyones time to be doubting yourself or thinking too much. Throw it away if you don’t need it or it doesn’t benefit you.

That financial freedom and career I want. That you need to act like long lost bestfriends with your boss and your associates even if you don’t like the bitch. Connections are everything. Your skills are also everything. Set your mind to inspiration. To motivate, To have that extra energy to keep going, no matter how scared or excited you are. Just be estatic that youre not in between.

That family I want. Your own family, your cousins, your dad, your mom, your siblings, your whole family. Act the way you want your family to be like. It’s funny how one person can change the whole mood of the family. If you want to be close knit. You can make it. Sometimes it hard because some people aren’t close. You can’t change them. But you can change you. And its not like your changing who you are. You’re changing and molding into a better version of you. Change happens because deep down in you, you have always wanted this. People will change. People will always change. You should be worried if you aren’t changing and always staying the same.

Personal happiness that I want. I can’t forget about myself can I? That’s the most important thing to all the things I just mentioned. That I feel like I’m important, useful, doing something, know what I’m doing, know what I’m constantly striving for, never staying the same, keeping everything in my life in order, working on my weaknesses, strengthening my strengths, feeling like I know everyone, even if I get hate that I realize that not everyone in this world can be liked by everybody, that I feel like everything is falling into its perfect places.


I just need to remember that if you feel that feeling everyday. That feeling of being motivated, excited, happy to be around people, that balance, that feeling like you know where youre going, that feeling like you are prepared for the unexpected and never shocked by it, that feeling that you can push out the insecurities and anger away and use it. That .. it makes you getting and achieving your goals SO much easier. Why? Because I’m enjoying it. That I have no need to compare, but listen, never brag, and to follow those that have achieved what I want to achieve.