Some days I just have my off days and can’t get off of it. I know I’ll be back to the good days but I’m just feeling a little insecure again, a little worked up, a little annoyed at everyone for no reason, and I just don’t want to talk to them. Like all I want for now is to have my me-time to study, to not work, to not socialize. Don’t get me wrong. I love to socialize and meet new people but there are days even for me that I want to disappear for a few days and come back all good again. To me, its weird when I have those off days because it doesn’t feel like me. I get lazy, emotionless, don’t feel like talking, acting like a bitch, ignoring people, i want to do my own thing and not get bothered, makes me feel insecure, not as productive to listening to information and taking direction. Off days become opposite days to me because its the complete opposite of how I feel when I’m on my good days, Good days i’m productive, socialable, happy to be talking to you, making jokes, listening to everyone, want to talk to people or I get bored and can’t stay in one place. Isn’t that funny haha. I’m going to still make this a lifetime goal to use my bad days to my advantage and make them great days for me because honestly life is too short to be wasting life on stupid shit like this.