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I’m just wondering.. if my standards for a guy are too high? I really don’t think they are. I don’t think anyone’s perfect and I certainly don’t think I am either. All i’m asking for is a loyal, manly, trustworthy, has a sense of humor, is at least attractive to me, has ambition, and has a career goal or path, and know what they are doing. I’m not even asking this guy to be rich. LOL ok. I just want to know he just has as much ambition as I do for the future. Why would I want to date a guy that just has different set of values from what I want? If i’m trying to be successful I don’t want someone to just be laid-back because that’s going to influence me and make me laid back haha. I feel like everyone’s getting a boyfriend and I still haven’t had one. I don’t have trouble getting guys either. But the ones I meet aren’t good for me as in they’re messed up and if you knew me you would agree. they are definitely not guys you want to marry. Well I would marry one if he wasn’t that bad…. and he’s doing good and hes loyal to me. Everyone of my friends that are not in the same social circle as them tell me that they’re messed up. I can’t help who I get along with. I can’t force to hang out with people that don’t like to have fun the way I do. I don’t know what I want…well I do but I feel like I like my life the way it is. The fact that I like things that are completely opposite. My close friends that are in different groups are completely opposite, my school friends and people I hang out with are completely opposite, my career path and my friends career paths are completely opposite. I’m like a living contradiction haha. It’s like what I want as in, meeting a guy thats boyfriend material that I would date, I would never find being surrounded by all these players. It’s like looking for fish not in water. There will always be that rare case where I do find one that could be it.. but then something happens to them or I find out who they really are. I’m ready for a relationship I know that but I’m not willing to give it to anyone of these guys when I don’t trust them. That’s just setting myself up for heartbreak. Sometimes I look at all the guys I’ve meet and trust me I’ve met alot. Its the fact that I always find a flaw in every single one of these guys that’s being making me single. But honestly my reason is legit and everyone agrees with me. Their advice to me? To get new friends LOL. But I like my friends crazy, risktakers, fun, doesn’t give a single fuck, and that will party with me all night long and do stupid shit with me. I wonder if there is anyone out there like me, that’s in the same contradiction. I’m clearly not meeting enough good boys but what can a girl do?