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Its weird to say that one of my bestfriends became a stranger to me and my group. I was one of the ones closest to her so I say it hurt the most. But it wasn’t like a breakup with a boyfriend type of hurt. I guess I didn’t feel as much pain about it when she left because I was surrounded by my other bestfriends. But she definitely hurt my feelings when she said we were immature and she needed to surround herself with people who had mature mindset. This all happened when she decided to work for this company. I get it. I khow her. I know she is easily influenced. She knows career and making money is a big deal. Back in the days I would be the one trying to help her but she could never focus so at the beginning yes I was finally happy that she knew where she was going and what she was going to do. But when the company and the people were influencing her she just turned into person I couldn’t even recognize anymore. She was talking to me like a stranger. Like a salesperson talking to a customer. She thinks my group of girls are immature that they don’t have the mindset to do things with their life. I do get that quote that you should be surrounding yourself with people that bring you higher up and motivate you and surround yourself with better people. Yes in a sense like business. But one thing she didn’t realize is that personal life and work life is completely different and separate. No matter how high you climb up in any business or venture it’ll be unrewarding and lonely if you do it yourself. It doesn’t matter how many friends or how little. If you meet people who are like your true friends. It’s really rare to ever find your true soulmates that know everything little thing about you from the bad to the good and not only that they support you and watch out for you. And she just left us all cold slowly trying to drift apart from us. It hurt me the most out of all the girls because I would hear she’s hanging out with somebody that shes not even close with instead of me. And she would make me book 2 weeks in advance and she still not sure if she can make plans. Like I don’t care if you are busy for 2 weeks or 5 months or 2 years I don’t care. However if you say you are busy to me but you have time seeing your other friends when I’m considered your bestfriend that kind of pisses me off. And it definitely made it seem like I was unimportant to her and that she didn’t want to be friend anymore. That was the vibe I was getting. I just gave up on her after a while. I think at that time in her life she was making changes and choices to her future but what she didn’t understand is that if she did tell us that straight up we would support her. We don’t care if you miss our birthdays, or partying, or clubbing to do business. We don’t care about those things. But your message to us was that we were your problem to why you couldn’t succeed. It left alot of my besties bitter about her. 

But now shes asking us and trying to talk to us to see us again and that shes misses us. I think its been two years or one year since I’ve seen her I don’t remember. But over that 1-2 year period she always says things like oh lets meet up i miss you guys i haven’t seen you guys so long and she initiates it. But even if we make plans and agree she ditches EVERY single time. 

And two days ago she(let’s call her L) was messaging my bestfriend about how she wants us to get together again and that she misses us. This time when I read the message it sounded different it sounded genuine. And when my bestfriend replies. L says yeah maybe we should all meet up in august so its not so rushed for everyone, does that sound good? and of course my bestfriend printscreens and sends that to me. And I’m like…. WTF LOL. Like bitch that’s 6 months from now LOL. You have time to see your boyfriend and you can’t take 20 minutes to see us thats before 6 weeks?! LOL… I have no comment. Now I was just rethinking if your invite was geniune or not. I don’t even know what you trying to do now? Like are you hoping well forget about it? But its not like we asked you to hang out because you were the one who asked us out? I don’t know. It’s like L doesn’t understand that we will still be here for you if you leave us in 5 years and come back. Because we were that close with you that even through all that time we will still treat you like a bestfriend. I’ll just rather you peace out for a bit and then come back like normal instead of trying to stay connected with us but don’t want to see us or talk to us… lol. It’s kind of annoying getting bailed on 10x. 

I will always have a soft spot for L. Because honestly she was always there for me especially the times I didn’t even want to talk to anyone or didn’t even tell anyone what happened. She just knew. And yes she was a really good friend to me even though we fought alot. We were just honestly brutally honest with eachother. But all the bad times we made jokes out of them. So if she ever needed anything from me, I would be there for her. No questions asked. Well dealt with eachother since grade 9 and thats way too long haha. But in this situation I don’t really know how to approach it, I don’t really know what she’s doing.