I met a blind guy in my class today. And Damn he put in my perspective. We were both in a health science class that is mainly focused on disability and this guy has one. It was a little awkward for me at first being next to him in a class about disabilities because our teacher kept talking about disabilities over and over again. But after meeting him I realized he doesn’t have a disability. This guy is highly capable, in a matter of fact, a genius. We were talking about our midterms and he couldn’t see properly he said he 60. He didn’t know if it was a percentage or it was the what he got out of the total. I told him I got 35.. and I told him the exam was out of 60. He got perfect. Not to mention the class average was 41. Not only that he talks with so much intelligence and no not the geeky type that knows every word to the manual of a texas instrument calculator. The type that knows what hes capable of and knows what he’s doing. He has a great personality too and hes outgoing. 

I remember first meeting him he came up behind me and asked if there was a chair there. I was like no but I can get you one. I went to grab him a chair to sit next to my table. I lightly touched him to follow me but he couldn’t see properly and I didn’t want him to trip over my laptop charger by accident so I told him to be careful and just to stay there. And while on break he started talking to me trying to start a conservation with me. He was pretty persistent. It’s not that I didn’t want to talk to him because he was blind I just find sometimes first conversations are really awkward especially with somebody new. And to be honest LOL I would have been less nice to a person than I was to him. 

But talking to him I realized how smart he was and how educated he was. And I looked at myself like wtf. This guy can’t even see and read the slides that I take for the granted. He gets even better than all of us? LOL. That just goes to show that your work ethic is everything. How bad you want something no matter your difficulties. And it also shows how lazy I can be. I mean look at him and then look at me. He has this huge difficulty and he overcame it and exceeded everyones expectation. I’m so proud of him and honestly he makes me want to work so much harder. It proves to show how I lazy I can be. I thought it was impossible to even get a 50 on this test and he got a 60?! LOL damn. 

i’m thinking about alot of my idols in life too. Like Mark Cuban. He got fired twice, embarrassingly too, before he started his journey to where he is now. He was very opinionated about how his bosses could make more money for their company. He was even vocal enough to religiously tell them how. He just always had that edge to go to talk to them and meet up with them for drinks. By doing so his bosses disrespected him and yelled at him and fired him out of ego. They didn’t want an underling telling them what to do. If I was Mark cuban at the time I would feel so embarrassed and feel like my opinions don’t matter. And you know what he did? He took from this experience to never become a boss like them, the ones that care about their ego more than anything else and he started his own business which then was sold for 18 million dollars. 

It just goes to show you have to trust your instincts and your opinions. And that your opinions do matter. Don’t ever withhold your opinions if you feel strongly about it because there’s a reason why its telling you to do that. If everyone just followed someone else’s opinion nothing new or brilliant would ever happen because it’ll all be the same. What I believe is that you should always follow your instincts and that your opinions do matter HOWEVER do make sure you have all the evidence, back up, knowledge you could possibly know about it before beginning. Sometimes a risk is worth taking but at the same time you want to be making calculated risks. 

I love Mark cuban just because I love hearing a rag’s to riches to story. The ones that really work hard for everything they can get in this life and not take it for granted. Thanks for being an inspiration