I’ve been slacking in reading break and been partying way too much. Not to notice the drama I almost got in last night haha. I write about it tomorrow I’m way too hungover. But its time for the grind and I gotta get my shit going. Starting tomorrow at 6am. Eat right, workout right, go to this college and get everything I need to know about the program, make sure I have 2 weeks ahead for each exam to study for, plan extra days for everything, use my schedule all the time, and study study study.

3 things I’m grateful for
-that I grew up in the millienium and that i have amazing r&b songs to listen to
-that I grew up with my bestfriends since kindergarten
-that I finally know what direction I’m going and how I’m going to make that play

3 things I’m going to change
-be open in love but don’t settle
-make sure you balance your life- with work life social and personal
-be more organized and plan ALOT BETTER