Feeling motivated today. I’m so bipolar haha. Going to get everything done today; workout, homework, study, get ready for 2 birthdays tonight. I can’t even get rachet tonight LOL… my gf’s bf’s coming to one of the birthdays and I can’t let him talk so I guess I”m laying low.. until 1am. What to wear tonight? It’s freezing but I want to look slutty haha. 


3 things I’m grateful for
-how I love my friends and how they love me just as much back
-student loans for paying for my tuition for now LOL
-is how i only have people that are genuine around me and that i attract new people that are the same

3 things I’m going to change
-how i need to start really believing in myself and my judgement when making decisions because you actually do know what to do
-stop going angry for no reason or dumb reasons; get rid of this energy in another way
-budgeting your money– quit overspending