Don’t you hate that feeling when you wake up thinking about the past? When it then starts to bring you down? I’m just thinking about one of the exams I could have possibly failed on because I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. Just thinking about it is  making me feel so insecure and a little emo. I’m trying to engrave in my head that the past is the past. That I need to let it go. Whatever is done in the past is over. And the past is something I can’t change. So I’m writing about it to get it out of my head and focus on the new. It’s just every time I’m about to party, or I’m working alot, or I have alot of plans, or everything combined this school thing is in the back of my head. It’s like I can’t disassociate the two. Like I’m wondering if I should be partying or if I should be working on school. But I know I need balance in my life. So I honestly have to be more confident in the decisions I make .. so I don’t miss out in life and I don’t screw myself. All I need to remember is the past is the past and future and present is what I need to focus on. 


3 things I’m grateful for
-my closest friends
-my health
-how I can always be fun in every situation

3 things I’m going to change
-to stop procrastinating and doing things that don’t improve or help your situation
-to have a day once a week to relax just for yourself
-to open myself more to letting people in and getting close to me instead of pushing them away