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I can’t help but think about the future. About me, about my future, about my family, about what I think is possible for myself. About everything I’m capable of when I believe it. I’ve realized from a really young age is that if you work hard enough, if you want something so bad, if you set your mind to something you need to do, you best believe you will achieve it. I realized that theory since I was 15. When I started to realize how the real world works. School helps you, it does, even if you have never finished it because school is a one big lesson. Getting those A’s in school don’t mean shit. Grades don’t mean shit. Getting that A doesn’t mean you’ll be a MD or a lawyer or become extremely successful and that you are set for life if you’re gifted. You know what it teaches you? It teaches you that if you set your mind on something, if you set your goal at getting an A+, if you work really hard to achieve it, if you live and breathe that exam, if you work your hardest to get it, if you memorize everything word by word theory by theory calculation by calculation, you will get to your end goal. School is one big lesson to teach you that if you really really put your mind into something there is nothing you can’t achieve in this game of life. Our teachers have always told us that school is useless. And you best believe that. It’s the experience, its the lessons you take from it. You learn how to communicate, how to persuade people to get what you want and need, you make connections, you learn that really playing having fun is how you develop those connections, you learn that life is not just about papermaking that its about making peoples lives easier and more enjoyable, you learn that hustling and grinding its for the thrill and the experience and to prove to yourself your existence, you learn that playing is actually helping you get an advantage instead of just your prereqs, you learn that everything that you achieve and got in your life is what you worked for. And looking back it will just put a smile on your face because you realized how far you have gone, how much you believed in yourself, how much you knew you were capable of, how much you put in your personal work family and social life, and how grateful you feel and are. And never have to wonder how lucky you got because you never believed in luck because you believed the harder you worked the luckier you got. And you realized that at the end of the day its because you believed in yourself that you got so far. You have your meltdowns, you have been overstressed maybe even wanted to rip your hair out, at the end of the day you realized you are just human. You realized that you can take that stress and use that energy in a positive way instead of becoming nervous, not focused, and frazzled. You will start to take it as a motivation and are happy you’re getting that feeling because you know its the kick start to your every move.


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