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1) get 3.0 cumulative gpa
2) get skinny, and get a slim face
3) become a moa and school part time
4) become a nurse at ____
5) have a business plan on how to execute how to have my own nursing home business
6) invest in other companies, invest in buildings, invest in things that increase my net worth
7) will feel successful, useful, important, and good about my life
8) become an entrepreneur
9) be a successful female in a man’s world and owning it, and have respect from them
10) never be intimidated by people who are more superior to me (personality wise, career wise, business wise, intelligence wise, connections wise) and become confident enough infront of them without feeling nervous, stuttering, shaking,lost for words, confused and to be smart, quick on my feet, and know what i’m doing. 

11) to not be afraid of love and intimacy and allow yourself to fall when you know he’s right no matter how foolish, embarrassed, and feel like you have no pride, insecure, scared of them knowing all of you, you might be or feel 

12)to feel energized, excited, ambitious about conquering everything i have to do everyday for my future and to stay motivated no matter what

13)to have the luxury of buying whatever i want, going wherever i want because of my financial freedom that i’ve earned

14)to love what i do 

15)to have my most trusted people and my closest always in my life no matter what

16) to have at least 3 children mixed with boys and girls, doesn’t matter how many of each because i love them just as much — i’ll pass on my wisdom, be in their life no matter how busy i get, ill be open and hope they’ll be just as open with me, well have fun together

17)have a place by the water

18)be more outgoing, willing to make and maintain the connections you have made, and go to plans you have agreed on no matter what (unless it harms your close friends)

19)be able to approach people who are more superior to you and let them like you instead of waiting for them to come to you first

20)do everything you are afraid to do, no matter how scared you are to do it — and cross it off the list of the things you fear 

21)travel around the world experiencing the poorest places to the richest places

22)have a boyfriend and be yourself

23)experience several break ups, several broken hearts that may have felt like true love, do all the wild things you wanted to do (no shame), date whoever you think clicks with you (not just based on stereotypes, from a band to ceo) before you get married or engaged

24)have a very close tight knit family

25)never put work over the most important days of the people you love the most

26)have puppies

27)donate to charities

28)be an important figure in your city

28)have crazy good money saving skills and know how to manage your money so no matter what you gain net profit

29)know everything AND EVERYTHING about investments, business plans, partnerships, budgeting, money about anything you get into. Let it be everything you think about all day and night until you know