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Good morning and I have finally have a story to tell ya. Still not the many that have happened of course but I only have time for one at this moment. Let’s just start with the first scratch that the 4th guy of this year. 

His name is P. And let’s just say its those nights I don’t wish to remember LOL. He’s good looking but he just isn’t my type. I think its the fact that he fucked my bestfriend twice and they always flirt. But the thing is noone knows about it but me. Because P is a part of a group of guys me and my bestfriend always hang out with and party with. And I’m made out with 2 of them and had a thing with 2 of them. And I had another thing with another one of them which makes it 3. And theyre group is like 8 guys that are really close knit. But they’re all sluts in anyway I think they are honestly way too comfortable with us and we are way too comfortable with them. I’ve at least made out and fucked around with 2 of them alot over the years just those days were feeling horny and need some lovin LOL. Yes I’ve mentioned them in my previous blogs. So try to figure out which ones they are haha. 

Anyways back to the story. P is cute, great personality, very nice, gentleman, very traditional because of his culture of how women have to be like this and that and can’t dress like a slut, and apparently he’s an amazing fuck. I remember the first time I met him. It was 2 years ago. I was invited to this bbq in the summertime. I sat in the back and he sat infront of me when the guys picked him up. He was loud. to the point it hurt my ears. But first impression I thought he was really good looking. And now after 2 years after he did shit my bestfriend. And then I did what I did. But I blacked out and don’t remember doing anything with at all and it honestly isn’t even that bad. 

This is basically what happened. So I came to this lounge where all our niggas were at. There were a bunch of other girls there too and they were all hammered by then. It was like 20 people at our long table. Me and my girlfriend sat next to the guys because we always see them anyways. So where talking to them. And I wanted shots because it’s saturday. So they kept passing the shots down to me and I was making P and my gf drink with me. So I got hammered basically without even realizing it and I get loud when I’m hammed and I always laugh alot. I’m harsh like making jokes on the guys. And I think I pissed P off when I mentioned his ex-girl in a joke to him. But I told him “You know I’m just joking, You know I love you” and he’s like aww LOL guys are so much easier to get along with and they never take things too personally. I remember I kept talking to him and the other older girls next to me. I remember joking about our buddy and him and how his other buddy hits girls with a pan (inside joke) and laughing about that. I remember P giving the phone to other buddy (let’s call him A), and I’m like can I talk to him and they all start laughing and P gives me phone and I don’t remember what I said to the guy. I don’t know what happened the rest of that time because I ended blacking out but I do remember a text I think.. like somehting like you’re flirting with P. But I don’t really remember it was a blur. I don’t know what happened but then I remember when i was talking to my gf because we got into a fight we were talking and he came out of nowhere and some reason I was talking to him and I grabbed his chin to flirt with him I guess? but I do that to all guys so it was like my subconscious LOL… and I think he thought I was coming on to him like flirting with him cause I remembered he just carried me. and I remember screaming his name telling to him to stop and remember this is in the lounge LOL……. SO i’m not surprised if everyone was staring at me, but I was so hammered I don’t even care. Then I remember leaving with my gf and P and our other buddy. I think I asked one of them to piggyback me and I think I remembered getting piggybacked from both of them.. at some point LOL 

OH and I got humped by the “other buddy” LOL.. cause these guys are horndawgs. Alot of girls think he’s hot but I don’t know its just something about him I’m not into. He’s goodlooking but he isn’t my type. I don’t know my gf told me we were all talking about orgys and shit LOL I don’t fucking know I obviously know we were joking because they know were not sluts. But basically I remember bending over as a joke about something and he literally came behind me and grabbed my waist and FUCKEN humped me LOL. as a joke because they were all laughing and I was screaming telling him to stop. telling him to stop why? BECAUSE we were on the public street where people can see us LOL. omg so embarrassing. FML. anyways moving on. 

We went to P’s because they needed to drop some things off. I remember making a joke about about the “pan thing” and I remember A hitting me with a pan on my ass LOL.. as a joke. But after that we went to the club. And I don’t know I got even more hammered I remember bumping into a lot of other guys that I knew at club. But I remember P following me. But I didn’t know why and he was like always around me. I find out the next day my gf telling me that him and I were in a corner making out. And I asked her are you sure thats what you saw and she’s like yeah. Obviously I felt kind of bad because she fucked him and he always usually flirts with her and It was DL so noone knew about it except for me. To be honest P is like the last person I would hook up with in that group. It’s not that he’s not goodlooking. It’s just when one my gfs hook up with someone already it’s like an instant turn off for me. I ain’t about sharing guys. LOL you can have my leftovers and I won’t care but i don’t want someone else’s especially if youre my close gfs guys. Its just weird. But I remember him kept on talking to me and being near me. I was always wondering until I found my answer the next day because I made out with him.  Anyways I have more to say about this other guy I had a thing with CAME TO where we at after. We went to an afterclub place. And this guy was there… and he’s a physco but I’ll bring that up next time and edit this a bit more next time.. getting lazy and losing motivation