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What do I not want from life?

Working on projects or things I don’t care about
Having friends that are social climbers, fake, kiss my ass, users
Having negative people around me
Having an ugly, dirty, place to live in
Having unsupportive people around me
Having a restricted life with so many rules
Not having the ability to decide when I want my trips or days off
I don’t want a meaningless life
I don’t want financial limits
fear of anything (for too long)


What do I want from life? (dream as unrealistically as you want)

 Have the luxurious condo with ocean views or city skylines. It’ll have an open balcony, windows everywhere, sexy feel to my apartment, it’ll smell like my candles, it’ll have a warm feel to it, all my rooms would be decorated, ill have access to a gym downstairs, ill have access to a swimming pool, my condo will definitely have fur (faux), it’ll be on one of the highest floors, ill have a puppy that’s my baby, and ill have a boyfriend I love and he loves me, he’ll be successful as well.


Have the dream fast car, expensive, a car that would turn heads
Have a very generous bank account
Have a meaningful life

Have amazing friends that I can count on and they can count on me too
Have my family of my own and my parents and my brother live a blessed life –money from me

Have a husband who loves me and I love them, whos my bestfriend, who’s successful, who’s funny, who knows all my flaws and still accepts and loves me, who’s witty, who just knows, it’ll be an exciting relationship, we’ll never get bored of eachother most of the time

Having many relationships with guys to realize what I want and for experience
Having a lot of knowledge on business and whatever I’m getting into and be the cutting edge of every single one of them
Having leisure time with my true friends and family
Be less stressed eventually
Waking up excited everyday
Have time to travel the world
Having the ability to bounce back from negative outcomes, and situations fast
Having the ability to conquer fear

Have a career I LOVE to do, where I don’t hide from my coworkers, where I love what I do, it feels natural and I’m amazingly good at what I do, I feel useful, productive, and cutting edge

I still will aspire to have traits from these six people:

Lilly ghalichi- her success, her attitude, perseverance, never giving up, hot business woman, underdog, intellect, business savvy, her professionalism, positivity, donate to  charities, go to events

Tony robbins-positivity, helping others which also help him, compassion, passion, energy, excitement, never giving up, believing in yourself and in others, inspirational, building a business out of something he loves to do no matter how hard and long it took him to get there

Mark Cuban-his success, how smart he is, how witty he is, how he thinks of out of the box, how he thinks smarter not harder, believing in himself, overcoming fear, his confidence, his cockiness, how humble he is no matter how rich he got, how he isn’t a pushover, how he doesn’t take life so seriously, how he’s failed numerous times and got back up

Lisa vanderpump- her humour, her personality, her love for her husband and her children and dogs, how she sticks to her guns in friendship, how she gives friendships and people her all, how shes business savvy, how she creates businesses, how she runs businesses, how shes able to be strict while maintaining control over employees without making them hate her, motherly, her wittiness, her lifestyle, interior designs, doesn’t take life too seriously, has fun, doesn’t flaunt her money, makes jokes, does charity events, not afraid to cut a friend no matter how influential or rich they are

Dannie riel- her looks, her body, her personality, her humbleness, her stupidity that makes me laugh, she not a gold digger, she doesn’t hang with the fake friends, treats everybody the same no matter how you look or how you act, her cooking skills, her sweetness, her funniness, spontaneous, funny, doesn’t take life too seriously, travels around the world, her determination to work out and eat well

Barbara Corcoran- her ability not to give up, her way to find a positive in every negative outcome, how she makes her business fun so people enjoy working for her, how she only works for things that she is passionate about, how she chooses her employees, how she uses words of doubt as motivation, how she’s trustworthy, and honest, how she’s not the brightest woman but became one of the richest out of all odds, how she never gives up what she wants


How do I define success?

 Success to me is being financially free. Having the time in the world to travel, enjoy the fruits of my labour, and spend it with people I enjoy. And having a purposeful and meaningful life that I can get right back into after enjoying my freedom whenever I please.


“Don’t dream about Audi R8s or unlimited chocolate chip cookies if you aren’t ready to bust your ass to make it a reality.”