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Good morning my loves. I don’t know if I’m being ultra sensitive lately than I usually am or what or what not but my close friends are pissing me off. I think its the fact that I’m not as busy as I used to be. So now I have time to think and compare. But I feel like there ignoring me. They’ll include me but ignore what I’m saying on group chats and talk about something else. And it drives me crazy because no one is answering my question. I’m not trying to seek all their attention and to be honest I’m not that type of person. But when you repeatedly ignore my questions– it gets annoying and pisses me off. Actually the only person I feel like is ignoring me is T. We got in a fight before I left for my trip in Seattle. I only pushed her buttons because I felt like she was lying to get out of the trip. It’s just I’ll much rather you tell us the truth that you don’t want to go on the girls trip to seattle instead of making up all these excuses and last minute excuses when it makes us harder to plan for the trip. Like be a little considerate you know? People took time off from work. Paid for a hotel. Paid for a car. And you bail last minute? And we had to plan all over in a matter of 2 days? Thanks T. That’s not the only part but she got mad at us for being inconsiderate because her excuse was that her family members leaving. That’s a good reason but couldn’t you told us before hand? and the fact that you told us that saying that you found out yesterday when one of the girls said you mentioned about it a long time ago sounds like a lie. Plus she was using excuses like her work doesn’t tell her when shes working yet blah blah blah. And everything just lead it to be more difficult to plan. It was just annoying. Just say you don’t want to go. I actually don’t care. I’ll rather you be honest in the first place so it’ll be easier for us to plan. Had to vent.