I realized I’ve been going through all these ups and downs throughout the last three years. I realized its my mind that controls it. I know I made myself depressed last year because I constantly thought what was wrong with me. I kept comparing myself to how I felt at the moment which was depressed to how I was before when I was social upbeat outgoing and happy. I was living in the past, reminiscing about the past. No wonder I was unhappy I was comparing myself. People always say you shouldn’t compare yourself to others but what if you’re comparing yourself for the better? I can’t expect myself to be at the level of happiness I was before to when I was depressed that is just unrealistic. You got to take baby steps. Live in the moment, live in the present. And don’t think. The only way to get out of the funk is talking subconsciously. Reacting how you would react. Doing it without thinking. And saying things without filtering. Don’t try to be interesting. Don’t try to be whatever. React the way you want not the way other people want or what you think they want. Just ACT like how you want to act. I’m going to stop thinking now. So mom I’m going to be sorry about school LOL jk.