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I’ll be 25 five years from now. And I want to accomplish a lot of things before that time. How I see myself when I’m 25 is that I’m happy. I know what I want. I’m where I want to be for the time being. I’m in the career I planned I was going to be in for the time being. I will be continuing to work my way up in my career ladder. I’ll have side businesses. I’ll be really well off. I’ll be better off than alot of people my age. I won’t be out of the lifestyle I’m in right now. I’ll find someone I’m genuinely in love with. We’ll be living together with puppies in a condo with a waterfront view. A husky and a yorkie. He’ll be someone I can grow with. He’ll be the one I didn’t think I wasn’t looking for but ended up being all of it and more. He’ll be ambitious, successful, doing well, manly, sexy, honest, trustworthy, active, can take care of himself and me, supportive, funny, gets me, and fun. I’ll be mint. Maybe implants if I still want them. I’ll still be gyming, working, partying, going to charity events, networking a lot, always meeting new people, close with my bffs, having dinners with girlfriends to catch up, and happy. Always busy. I’ll be closer with my family and contribute money for my parents and sibling to do whatever they please to do. My sibling will be working and he’ll be healthy and happy and love life.  He’ll lose that disease and there will be a cure. And never get taken advantage by anyone because he finally understands when people are taken him for granted. He’ll be smart, successful, proved everybody wrong. Even if he’s nice everyone that treated him wrong will get their karma. Bad. Even if life doesn’t let that karma happen. I’ll make it happen. He’ll have friends that actually care about him. He’ll listen to me when he needs advice. He’ll relieve my parents from stressing for caring about him in the future because he can take care of himself and his finances and make rational decisions. And hopefully I’ll be engaged or in a relationship where I will be in 2 years.