I love that I found this blog to really express myself whenever I feel anything to let it go completely. It really helps me move on from things. To not care once I’ve written it instead of just holding it in and ignoring it and never acknowledging it. I think this blog is really helping me grow through all of my bad and good experiences. 

I’m working today finally! First day at work. I’m not as excited as I used to be? But that always happens. I’m always really excited to do something at the beginning and then I just lose the excitement with people and jobs. I like to show people my fun side when I first meet them. Maybe that’s my downfall that I only think people want to see my fun side. I need to let them see every side of me to get the real me and not care. I feel I get awkward when I’m not feeling social that day or anything around them. But then when I let it go and just talk I lose that feeling and I realize I’m actually enjoying my time with these people. I’m just going to let my personality shine through. I want to completely stop caring what others think of me and just be me.