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Do you ever feel like you get jealous over things you shouldn’t be getting jealous over? Like introducing your friends to new friends. Like introducing girlfriends to guys that used to like you. Like getting shitty grades than your friends? I always get jealous because when I introduce my friends to new friends I want them to still like me more. It’s like I don’t want them to like them as much as they like me. And introducing girlfriends to guys that used to like me I feel jealous and that I always want them to want me even though I don’t want them. It’s like I like their company and I’m used to it. Like Y who’s now trying to go for my girlfriend and putting me on friendzone now. I think it’s partially because I hooked up with his buddy because that’s when he started acting all buddy buddy like to me. And getting shittier grades than your own friends I can’t help but feel like wtf. I’m going to be honest when I get better grades than everyone else I’m secretly really happy even if I don’t show it because I’m trying to be modest and not a show off. Admit it you do too I’m just saying it. I know I shouldn’t feel this way and I feel kind of greedy sometimes because I want everything to myself. The guys that liked me, the friends I have, anything. I just always want to be the best. Is that a bad thing? I don’t want to be a selfish person and I’m still working on it. I just feel wrong thinking these things for myself. Not wanting guys that liked me to like someone else when I don’t even want them? I should be introducing them to new girls so they’re happy. Not wanting my girlfriends to be more liked than I am is selfish. I shouldn’t care if these guys like another girl more than me. That means they click and maybe they get along better. I always have that feeling though. That slight jealously. I usually ignore it because I think it’s selfish personally. But come on be honest I think everyone likes having people that like them more than they like someone else and that they just gravitate to you. Right?