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I don’t even know where to start. I just had the weirdest dream. LOL. I literally was just thinking about this guy Y. I was wondering if I had feelings for him. Because all the girls think I like him because I talk about him all the time but truth be told I talk about every guy to them when I`m talking to them alot and my girls agreed. I was just thinking because Y and I were msging eachother and he asked about my girlfriend and I was like why do you want me to hook you up;) and hes like no she’s going to think I like her. When I was waiting for him to reply I felt kind of jealous. I really don’t think I like him though but maybe I can’t tell the difference anymore? I didn’t even realize I liked L the last time and I just kept denying it. But its been 3 years for me and Y. and I hooked up with one of his buddies. He used to be really flirty with me until I hooked up with his buddy. LOL. Okay time to tell you my dream.

So basically what happened was I was clubbing and there was a line outside it was either for waitlist or something else. While I was going to this line some blonde white girl kept nudging her ass on me and my girls and I bitched her out. While I continued down the line I saw Y. He was by himself high on drugs. Saying something to me I didn’t understand like jibberish for the longest time and he was just staring past me not at me. I was concerned after so I brought him to the hospital and some reason I grabbed him by the hand. And then we were at the hospital and hes in bed sleeping and I’m still holding his hand like I’m concerned and it was warm. After that we didn’t hold hands I think and I don’t think he knew that we did. He was up later and we just walked around and sat at this place and started getting deep. He was telling me how he doesn’t like superficial girls, girls who expect their daddy’s to pay for their shit, gold diggers. I defended and said not all girls are like that. I wanted to defend myself because some reason I felt like he was talking about me but I decided not to because if he wanted to get to know me that way he would have just asked. And I didn’t feel the need to prove myself. BUt after I thought about it I did. I wanted to tell him but I didn’t know how because I didn’t want him to look at me like that. And then he was going through some other issues and I found out he works. It was just weird how it was him because we weren’t talking for a while and when I woke up this morning he messaged me saying morning homie. LOL.. I don’t know what to say for real. Because every girl used to think this guy liked me even girls that didn’t know him and I kind of thought so to but I denied it to everyone that he didn’t. I’m just confused how I feel about him. I really just feel like were just friends and I was jealous because I didn’t want my gf taking away my friend type of thing. That’s what I think it is.